Sugar Brainwashing!


Since I work in healthy eating education, I hear parents tell me all the time that their child is a picky eater, or in particular, doesn’t like vegetables.  In my opinion there are a lot of reasons for this, including: parental behaviors (kids model their parents- what are the adults eating?), media influence (kid’s themed snacks are junk foods), sugar addiction (Hello Lucky Charms, NutriGrain Bars, etc.), and independence (I just learned how to say “no”!), just to name a few.  The area of media influence is huge, as we are bombarded with more media than humans ever before.  Some of it is unavoidable (unless you move underground), but some is easier to filter.  One thing that struck a cord with me recently was sweets-themed baby clothing.  You know, all of the cupcake bibs, and “I’m sweeter than candy” onesies.  I have yet to see a vegetable-loving onesie at Target!  I can’t help but think that when we start conditioning babies at birth to seeing cupcakes, candy, ice cream cones, sweets, etc. all over the place, but yet they never see spinach until a long time later, that we are changing their eating-preferences before they are even eating!  The epitome of teaching children unhealthy eating habits is to have them wear a “Shall we have cupcakes for dinner?” bib!  Just food for thought.  In the meantime, I think my baby needs the veggie onesie.