Spring Garden: Before & After

Spring is my favorite time of year to garden; I’m antsy to get things growing after a long cold winter and it’s not too hot to enjoy working the ground.  We have had one raised bed for several years and decided this year to add another raised bed and a cold frame.  The cold frame is made from a repurposed cabinet door with a glass panel to allow the sunlight to come through while creating a warming greehouse effect, so I can start lettuces, arugala, and herbs earlier without danger of frost.  The panel is on hinges so on warm days I can open the door, while on cold evenings I can close it to protect the seedlings.

In my original raised bed, which is 4′ x 8′, I have my perennial asparagus patch, which takes up about half of the bed.  Last fall I planted garlic in between the asparagus rows, and it will be ready to harvest in June.  Garlic is really easy to grow, and it is a great plant to add to your garden to deter rabbits and deer from nibbling, as are onions. In the other half of that bed I have kale, collards, oregano, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes going.

In my new raised bed, which is 4′ x 6′, I have an outside row of onions, an inner row of beets, and sections of peas, kale, pak choy and broccoli.  I planted the outside row of onions to deter the rabbits from nibbling on the tender inner plants, like kale.  So far it is working fairly well.  These are all great spring and fall crops, as they can handle the cool nights.  Once I harvest the pak choy, beets, and peas, I will pull the plants out and plant some good summer crops, like tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, cucumbers, and zucchini.

Here are photos of my garden area just after installation of the new beds, and another photo of how they look today.  I’m excited to see how this garden area evolves.  My next project is to add 2 blueberry bushes.  Happy Gardening!




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