Winter- I’m over it!

So we all know there has been a lot of snow this year.  

No really.  A LOT of snow.  

And ice.

And it is frustrating.  We are all tired of being cold, tired of slipping on our driveway, tired of cleaning off our car, tired of being late to work, tired of the snow days.  I get it.  We are just tired of it.  And some people have developed a short fuse at this point.  With it all, including with their snow removal, and complain about their snow removal not being good enough.  I understand we all pay taxes, and we all want clear roads, and we all feel entitled to perfection, and we all want it all.  I just want to propose a different viewpoint: the viewpoint of the family of a salt truck driver.  The wife and child of a man who works 22 hours straight and is missing seeing his daughter’s milestones.  The wife who works full time while picking up the pieces while her husband plows your streets, who worries about her sleep-deprived husband not eating good food while surviving on fast food because that is all there is time for.  The baby who misses her “Dada” and misses playing with him because he is out salting your neighborhood.  The husband who is in “work-sleep-eat” mode with no time for anything else.  

People are quick to complain when their road is not spotless, and like I said, I get it.   This  winter really stinks!

But next time you think about whining, remember the sacrifices being made so that we have public services.  And then just be thankful!