Painting Decorative Boxes

This past weekend my mother-in-law, Fran and I finally had a crafting day! It was so nice to have time to get together and spend some time creating art together. My father-in-law crafted some 6 inch by 6 inch boxes out of scrap wood for us to use. Fran had a lot of acrylic craft paint colors to choose from, and lots of different size brushes, so we were ready to go! I made one painting for our bathroom, and one for my daughter’s room. To make the text easier, I printed the verse in several of my favorite fonts so I had a reference to go off of. Then I used a T-square to find my middle point, and worked out from the middle to make sure my text was centered.
I lightly wrote in the text with pencil, and painted over it with a thin brush. It worked pretty well!
The key to a second coat with acrylic paint is to wait until the first coat is dry to add the second coat- otherwise it is a mess!
I am pleased with the way these turned out. I cant wait to hang them in our house. Have you ever created your own personalized art for your house?
It is a great way to personalize your home- no one else will have the same art!





Finally! A Successful Dreadlock Up-Do!

I started my dreadlocks on April 2, 2013, after years of thinking about it. (They will be one year old soon!) I finally found a great up-do that I like. It is easy to do (it only took me two tries to get it right), and it actually stays up all day long! This is groundbreaking for me! 🙂 I am really loving my dreadlocks, and wishing I had started them sooner so they were more mature by now. They are slowly but surely getting there! If there is a hairstyle you have always thought about trying, but never have had the courage, I encourage you to try it! It may be your favorite look you’ve ever had.
YouTube video tutorial of up-do


The Snowiest Winter


It is officially March, and it is going to be in the 50’s today! I’m so excited for spring! We enjoyed the snow this year (as much as we could, with the temperatures being so cold), and the snow sure was beautiful to look at. Audrey wasn’t crazy about playing in the snow. I don’t blame her-I wasn’t either. 🙂 Here is a photo of us enjoying it, if only for a brief moment. Now come on, spring!