Toddler Sensory Play with Pipe Cleaners

This easy activity for toddlers is great for practicing hand-eye coordination (and patience)! All you need is some pipe cleaners and penne pasta!

Pipe Cleaner Pasta Activity:
1/2 package penne
several colorful pipe cleaners, with the ends folded in (this protects little fingers from the jagged wire end)

Place penne in a shallow plastic bin. Show your toddler how you pick up a piece of penne and thread onto a pipe cleaner.
Encourage them to try it as well!
My toddler enjoyed taking off the pasta I threaded more than threading her own, as well as moving the penne out of the bin, then back into the bin. There is no right or wrong way to do this- just invite them to play!
I try to incorporate one sensory play activity per day that I’m home with Audrey. What is your sensory play experience?



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